Why Leather Favored For Motorcycle Wear

There are two popular and main reasons why experienced and regular motorcyclists prefer wearing leather jackets and trousers during their short to long-distance excursions. Because it is such a popular fashion trend many folks, men and women alike these days, who have never even been near a motorcycle, let alone a scooter, are wearing leather motorcycle-styled jackets. It gives them all that racy, rough edged look.

But the more important reason why experienced and responsible motorcyclists will have the leather material dominate the makeup of their motorcycle apparel is because of its ability to provide them with their safety. In the rare incidence that they are involved in a motoring accident and fall off of their bikes, the thick leather throughout provides them with good padding and cushioning to shield them from the hard fall.

You could just say that the look these leather jackets provide you with make you look cool. But walk along any West Coast or South coast beach boulevard wearing these jackets and you’ll look very odd indeed. Walk through the coldest parts of the country and other folks will think you’re quite smart. Because that’s the other important thing that discerning motorcyclists like about wearing their leather jackets.

It keeps them warm. Even when temperatures are moderate, the gushing breeze generated during their road trips can lower their bodies’ temperature. Keeping warm at all times gives the motorist added focus to maintain concentration and stay safe on the road. The most serious motor cyclists are not just wearing leather jackets. They are wearing leather pants, leather hand gloves too. And they are even wearing knee and elbow pads too.

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And just what are these pads made from? Well, leather of course. And what else are motorcyclists wearing? Helmets.