Common Tools a Locksmith Needs

Locksmiths work on locks. Whether the lock is broken, damaged, or needs to be installed onto the door, the locksmith is there to suffice the situation. Locksmiths also make keys, install home security systems, and program locks and keys. It is easy to say that the services provided from a locksmith are extremely valuable. But, the locksmith needs several tools in order to provide the great lock services they’re known for.

The pick is one of the tools the locksmith uses more than any other. This tool removes keys from locks, whether they’ve broken off in the cylinders or it’s simply stuck and won’t wiggle its way out. A few variations of the locksmith pick exist, including the ball pick and the rake pick. It is ideal to have each style on hand ready to use. Make sure a pick gun is also purchased with the lock pick.

One of the newest tools to come to the locksmithing world is the tension wrench. This is a simple tool that applies torque to a lock plug so that it allows the pin to turn with the slightest tug. When searching through the locksmith equipment for sale, this item is one that you certainly need to buy.

Locksmiths need bump keys. This special key opens locks of all sorts, making the job of a locksmith much easier. The bump key is one item that is found in every locksmith’s tool box. This special tool is cheap but provides a great benefit that makes it worth so much more than it costs.

These tools are some of the many that a locksmith uses in his daily duties. The tools are sold at any locksmithing supply store. Locksmithing tools are made by many brands, so take the time to research the options before you buy.