Pool Supplies You Need

If you own a swimming pool, you have just about everything needed to enjoy your summer to the fullest. There is no better way to kick start a great day than by taking a dip in the pool. But, there are many pool supplies you need to maintain your pool. There are companies that sell pool supplies in my area that you can purchase these necessities from. Be sure to have your pool supplies on hand and prepare for a great summer!

Water Balancing Chemicals

You’ll need to periodically adjust the pH balance in your swimming pool. Doing so reduces the alkalinity, or hardness of the calcium. Check the pH levels a couple days before you plan to use the pool.

Cleaning Tools

Pool owners need several tools on hand to keep their pool clean. This includes items like a leaf rake, vacuum head and hose, a brush, and a pool pole.  Make sure these items are always readily available to use.

Hand Tools

In addition to the tools above, you’ll also need a few hand tools to throw in your toolbox. Items like a screwdriver and a wrench are useful when filters need clamped, there are issues with the drain plugs, etc. A pair of channel pliers and both Philips head and flat screwdrivers are essential items.

Garden Hose/Leaf Blower

pool supplies in my area

Yes, these items are important to have for your swimming pool. You’ll use the garden hose to raise water levels, to keep the deck clean, and to remove debris and dirt when it becomes dirty.

You are in for a great summer of water fun if you have a swimming pool. But when you have the supplies above on hand, it is easier to keep the swimming pool in tip top condition and enjoy many fun-filled days of fun in the sun.